Our successful plan – your profit

LOGSOL e.U. operates in line with the principles of systemic consultancy and supplies implement support in processes of change and development projects. The activities range from brief interventions to long-term monitoring of comprehensive projects. Our specific subjects are organization, logistics & transport as well as strategy. We focus on perfect – individually fitted – solutions, which we work out on behalf of logic and common sense together with and for our customers.

Our Consulting Principles

With LOGSOL e.U. you have got a young, dynamic company on your side. Our outmost aim is respecting values and guidelines as well as highest quality performance to the complete satisfaction of our customers. Thus our entrepreneurial action aims at fulfilling the following: L ogical, O riginal, G eneral, S afe, O rganised, L ong lasting.

Why external consulting?

There is no reason why the execution of a project or task should not be handled internally, if the appropriate staff to scrutinize conditions, with sufficient time and resources, the appropriate knowledge and the ability to investigate things in a critical and unbiased way is available. Consulting services should be taken into consideration if the task is completely new and unique, particularly complex and/or time is limited.

Consulting Process

The consulting process is divided into different phases. The extent of support depends on the volume of cooperation which is found reasonable and agreed upon with the customer. The different phases provide a framework that can individually be customized.