Das Bild zeigt einen Innenraum des Wilhelminenspitals. Taktile Leitsystemlinien führen durch den Innenraum zur Ruftaste eines Aufzuges. Zwischen den Aufzugsportalen ist ein visuelles Leitsystemschild angebracht.

Wayfinding systems

Our wayfinding concept

At the beginning of the planning process a comprehensive analysis of the initial situation is done. A detailed clarification and specification of the project objectives is very important to us to be able to take the exact wishes and requirements of our customers as best as possible into account.

The development of routing concepts forms the basis for determining the optimal sign locations for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, or individual motorized transport.

All wayfinding elements are tailored to the local conditions, your requirements, and the desired appearance.

We pay attention to proven, resistant, and high-quality products made of aluminium, glass, stainless steel, wood, or stone. Oure careful way of working guarantees a trouble-free and quick production and installation of the wayfinding system.

We strive to guarantee our customers a flexible, cost-saving and time-saving maintenance of the designed wayfinding system, to protect your investment in the long-term.

Our sign management system simplifies the administration, the installation, the exchange, and the dismantling of standardized wayfinding signs by internal employees. Of course, we can also take care of your entire wayfinding system and organize maintenance activities in consultation with you as customer.

Our services

Our consulting services will be determined together with you and can include the following components:

Review and analysis of the current situation:

  • Clarification of the project objectives
  • Assessment and elaboration of the wishes and requirements of all participants, e.g. in one or more joint workshops

Development of a wayfinding concept:

  • Development of a zoning and colour concept.
  • Development of a uniform pictogram system, a uniform language regulation and a uniform typography
  • Definition of uniform terminology and systematics
  • Development of a visual sign typology
  • Development of sample signs
  • (Further) development of escape and rescue plans

Development of content and corporate design for information signs and folders:

  • Development of an overview folder
  • Development of a tactile overview folder for visually impaired or blind people
  • Development of information and prohibition signs

Support in the implementation of the guidance and orientation system:

  • Development of booklets with appropriate content, layouts and photo montages
  • Creation of final drawings and preparation of data for production
  • Support in soliciting quotations from one or more manufacturers
  • Coordination of assembly and disassembly work
  • Quality control

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