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Coaching, mentoring and moderation

Coaching and mentoring

In our coaching process, we support you in dealing with specific professional concerns, challenges, conflicts and change processes. We help you to sustainably develop your personal solutions and possibilities for action.

Due to regular coaching and critical self-reflection, we can optimize your ability to make decisions and possibilities for action in your daily working routine. You are encouraged to develop strategies and measures for your personal situation, where we take in an accompanying and supportive position.

Professional external support primarily has a supportive function in these situations, which do not actually come up every day. For these cases, we offer you support from project preparation to project completion and support your project team with the necessary methodological skills to be able to master the upcoming challenges together.


We see the core task of moderation as achieving results that are accepted by all those involved, without disturbing personal or hierarchical obstacles.

While the concrete content comes from the group, we as external moderators are responsible for the structure, the control of the processes and the retention of the content. We support the quality of communication through a questioning attitude.

Our actual fields of application:

  • Routine meetings
  • Group discussions
  • Panel discussions
  • (Project) workshops
  • Special events

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