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Our consulting process is divided into several phases.

The scope of our support is met as specified with our customers. Every phase can be designed individually.

1. Definition of the project objectives and the clarification of your goal

Together with our customers, we determine the project objectives. We define the goals or non-goals, the methodology, the distribution of roles, the organization of the consulting process, the expected workload and the desired schedule. We also pay attention to hidden agendas. We establish a very close relationship with our clients, built on mutual trust. At the end of this phase the team of consultants an offer will be made, following from an order through our client.

2. Analysing the current situation and identifying the problems

The required information will be collected. This is done by talking to our clients, project team members or other participants, through observations or by evaluating key figures and data. We are constantly comparing various detected problems with the initial assumptions. The related subject environment is also examined.

3. Recommendations for specific measures

The measures to be implemented are worked out together. All information is centrally documented in a suitable manner in a project manual. In order to keep the acceptance of transformation and changing as high as possible, we place great emphasis to constant and open communication.

4. Implementation

To implement the determined measures, the members of the project team and the client are supported in the desired extent. Our goal is the greatest possible participation of all stakeholders. Our Customers are encouraged by the team of consultants to learn and develop new ways of solving problems.

5. Awareness raising

In an effort to promote awareness and to ensure a long-term and sustainable success, our delivered services, measures and thought-provoking impulses are tailored for our customer. Awareness-raising must be distributed as far as possible to all affected persons. Active learning is promoted.

6. Training courses

If necessary, the employees are trained by the team of consultants.

7. Project marketing

In case of a successful outcome, our offered and implemented services have a positive impact on our customers` needs. Such benefits should be made public. We can provide our customers marketing support.

8. Project completion

Mutual feedback helps both our customers and the team of consultants to further improve the way they work. This takes place in a personal conversation or through a standardized feedback questionnaire. Together with our customers, we are able to evaluate the consulting process and to determine the next steps to ensure sustainable results.

9. Further development

In the fast-changing world nowadays, the continual adapting of processes is an ongoing task. We help you to ensure, that the developed solutions will be adapted and optimized for the future.

Subsequent consultancy grants from the “Chamber of Commerce Lower Austria services for entrepreneurs” and the “Chamber of Commerce Vienna Business Consultancy” can be claimed at the funding agency (subject to available funding at the time of submission)

Secure financial grants and reduce your consulting costs!

Further information can be found in the information sheets.

Grants for counselling for Lower Austrian companies:

Grants for counselling for Viennese companies:

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