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Workshops and presentations

We offer workshops, lectures, training courses in all our areas of expertise, including how you can get more out of your organization with more efficient time management and better self-organization. We show you tips and tricks, which can be adapted from operational organizations to become even more successful, or which strategies can be applied to start a business successfully.

Our workshops and lectures are intended as a “bazaar” from which you can take the appropriate tips and methods and put them together.

Together with you we will work on desired topics. Content and methods are precisely adapted to your wishes and requirements.

Workshops and lectures are offered as a balanced mix of theoretical information and interactive elements. Our aim is, that the newly acquired knowledge can immediately be used successfully.

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We support you in project development, analysis, concept development and as well in their implementation.
Coaching, mentoring and moderation
We are companions and moderators during the entire process of change.
Project management
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Applied research
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